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Free Fantasy Books available in the Public Domain - There are a lot of great fantasy books that are available for free. I have a list of some of these, have downloads of some, And some of them I have even translated into web pages so you can read them right in your browser. They are all available on Gutenburg.org and I have links too where you can get them. A Guide to Free Fantasy Books in the Public Domain

Prehistoric Fantasy - This is an interesting sub-genre of fantasy that takes archaeological and anthropological themes and questions and explores them in the fiction of prehistoric times. Some good examples of this are Jean M. Auels Earth's Children series and Kathleen and Michael Gear's The First North Americans series Learn more about this interesting sub genre of Fantasy Prehistoric Fantasy

News In the World of Fantasy

Child fantasy Books - take a look at some of these selections in Childrens Fantasy books

Playstation 3 and The New Fantasy games - there are some great Fantasy Games coming out for the Playstation 3 Read about them

Could the Epic Fantasy Story of Gilgamesh Be true? Gilgamesh was thought to just be a mythical figure but a german team of Archaeologists say they have found the city of Uruk and the Tomb of Gilgamesh. Read more

Looking for a Gift for a Fan of Fantasy?

The Fantasy Gift Guide: My top picks for gifts for a fantasy fan. In time for Christmas



I have created a section of this website that will showcase all the dndorks comics for this site: dndorks

Things Medieval

  • Medieval Swords
    - This site has information about medieval swords with pictures and explanations.
  • Medieval Castles
    Everything you wanted to know about castles. The history of castles, sieging of castles and what life was like in a medieval castle.
  • Fantasy Guide
    The Guide to everything fantasy on the web.
  • Armory of medieval weapons
    A resource of weapons and armor complete with pictures.
  • The Trebuchet: Would you like to make your own Trebuchet? You can make a small table-top version quite easily. Learn more about the Trebuchet and the Project here
  • The Knight Medieval Website - Devoted to knights, their weapons, chivalry and history
  • Build a catapult - Nice project on how to build a small catapult called "The Table-Top Troll"

About Swords:

Fantasy Book Stuff

  • The Massive List of Fantasy Series
    Looking for a new series of books? Or trying to find out what book comes next in a series? Here is the massive list of fantasy series. With over 50 different series from the best authors with a complete listing of the books in the series. This is a great resource to understanding the different series.
  • The Top Ten Fantasy Books
    This is a real time listing of the Top Ten Fantasy Books at Amazon.com
  • Experience Fantasy Through the Eyes of a creature or animal
    Read a novel or series that is written from the point of view of a creature or an animal This is a very popular sub-genre of fantasy. You can be a unicorn, horse, or even a mouse or a fox.
  • Classic Epic Fantasy Novels You can read Right Now for Free! Epic fantasy has a long history, and there are classics in the genre that have gone into the public domain. You can read them online or download them for nothing..
  • Know how many books there are in the Narnia series? Know what the names of them are? Which sequence should you read them in? Do they come in a set? Learn More about the Narnia books
  • The Big List of Epic Fantasy Authors - A list of the famous authors both past and present along with a massive list of epic fantasy books and series
  • Looking for a bargain? Amazon.com is currently running some great bargains on science fiction & Fantasy books. Get them for low low prices. As low as 1¢